Open Roads - Attaching a Reference File to an active profile window

I have an old project that has a reference file which  contains profiles for curb and gutter. I am trying to create horizontal and vertical alignments based on these old graphics. For the horizontal alignments, I attach the curb and gutter linewok (horizontal) into my drawing, and I can easily create the horizontal elements. But for profiles (vertical alignments) I can't seem to find a way to attach the file containing my profile grid and curb and gutter profiles into the profile views that Inroads SS3 uses.

Is there a way to import a vertical alignment from graphics into an Inroads SS3 (open roads) profile? I suppose I could attach the profile into a regular 2D or 3D view and use the native profile commands to create a vertical alignment into native .alg, but I would like to try to do the same with the new profile window that the Open Roads technology is promoting.

I'm having a hard time grasping the concept of these "profile views". They obviously behave different from any other standard view, and I don't think they allow reverence files to be attached to them.



  • First off you have to understand what these profile views are.  They are, in fact, not views are all.  Think of them as design models with coordinates of (station,elevation).  Now, with that being said you would think you could attach a reference file to them and to be honest I don't know the answer to that question.  But, you do bring up an interesting topic.

    Is it possible to attach a profile view of one model alignment to the profile view of a separate model alignment?  When working in plan view you have the ability to use reference files to break up work.  For example, having alignments in one file and roadway line work in a separate file.  When attached as reference files each can be used as design for the other.  The same workflow should be allowed in profile view.  I can think of many design examples where this functionality would be useful.