OpenRoads - copy elements from corridor 3D model


Please, can you advice a little. Users of different disciplines need to copy choosen lines from corridor 3D model. They reference 3D corridor model to their files and try to copy linear features, wirh no success. All 3D component meshes and linear features produced from corridor seem to be locked and we can not copy them out to different file.

I fully understand we can not copy or move civil geometry or corridor elements in 2D geometry or corridor files. However it would be helpfull that 3D model that is managed by the software won't be totaly locked. At least copping out elements to external files would be helpful in many workflows.

I guess it might be a matter of switching some tricky option but I can not figure out which one.



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  • Thank you Mike it works but it can not be a workflow it is workaround only.

    Mike, Jacquelyn, consider this true life example. There is an empty dgn file (corridors container) where a few corridors 3D models are attached.

    Architect who is cooperating with road design team has a read-only access to this file via ProjectWise. He just needs a single edge of sidewalk coppied into his own file. Not all lines drawn on specific level. Just one line form one sidewalk.

    Following Mikes workflow, architect will merge all elements from choosen level. Then will need to delete all elements he doesn't need. Imaigne how many elements might be drawn on a single level in a complex corridor model.

    I wish there was a kind of unlcock switch to copy elements between files.