Roadway Template "Not in Library" ?

New user here, InRoads V8i SS2.  I have a Template Drop showing up blue and help states this is because the template is not in the library.  The stations seem to be working fine, but is there a way to save this working template in the Roadway Designer back to the ITL somehow?  Also, any ideas on how this occurred  - If this template didn't exist in the project library, how was it named correctly and added to the drop list in the first place?

Thanks for any help, Michael

  • You can use the Template Library Organizer (in the Tools menu in the Create Template command) to copy the template from the IRD to the ITL. Most often you will see this when the template is placed from an ITL file that is different from the ITL file that is currently open.

    Answer Verified By: Lucky 13