Alignment Equality question, InRoads V8i, SS2

If I have a roadway centerline alignment DE1, and an alignment Wall-RT for a retaining wall along the shoulder point, I'd like to know if there is a simple way to determine the wall station that corresponds to each 50' centerline station along the roadway centerline.  I'm fairly new to InRoads, so please water any explanation down to rudimentary, step by step level.

Thanks for your time, Michael

  • You should be able to run a Station Base report.  

    1. Go to Tools > XML Reports > Station Base.  
    2. Under the General tab, set the source to the main centerline alignment DE1.
    3. Under the Include Tab, toggle on the 'interval' option and set it to 50.
    4. Under the Horizontal Alignments tab you can include the wall alignment by typing in the 'Wall-RT' name in the include field.  Or you can use a wildcard to bring up multiple alignments.  If you use the asterisk (*) in the include field, that will pick up ALL alignments and you can select the Wall-RT alignment.
    5. Select Apply and it should open an XML Report Browser.
    6. Find a report that best fits the information you want to get.  Try looking at the StationOffset.xsl because it includes the station of the baseline (Centerline) and Offset (Wall-RT) as well as the distance to that point.  If you want other information like Northing and Easting, you have to look through the StationOffset reports to find the format which includes everything you want.

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