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What controls the project explorer setting.  Every time I close the MicroStation application and restart, my Project Explorer setting are reset to show only Links & File but I need to see and use the Civil Model and Civil Standards tab on a regular basis so I am continually turning them back on.  What causes, this and how can I set them and save the settings?

  • I found what is causing the issue for the civil Browsers in the Project Explore.  The project explore setting for the Civil Browsers are not remembered if you open a Straight MicroStation Application session with out the InRoads application session also activated. 

    This seems like a glitch. I use InRoads often. I do not use it every time I open every Design file.  Typically I will open InRoads once and use straight MicroStation in multiple Sessions.  So a typical work session would be to open one InRoads and possible 2 other Design Files with straight MicroStation.  Sometime even MicroStation only sessions no InRoads. 

    With this, process each time I will need to go into the Project Explore and toggle back on the Civil Model and Civil Standards etc if I need them witch is most of the time if using InRoads, this process of toggling on the browsers also closes the Project Explore dialog meaning the user would need to reopen it also.

    I assume this would not be an issue with Power Civil.

    Mike Longstreet
    Vermont Agency of Transportation
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  • This is a behavior that I have seen as well.  This is why we strongly recommend keeping your InRoads SS3 workspaces separate from any MicroStation or InRoads SS2 workspaces.

    Answer Verified By: Mike Longstreet 

  • I assume this is saved in the user preference file (I will test).   It seems a bit difficult to expect users to navigate between different user configurations and project configurations depending what applications they would open and if they open the incorrect sequence it will mess-up their settings.  

    Seems there should be some sort of application specific preference verse attempting to squeeze every thing into the existing setup that may or may not have been utilized specifically for other MicroStation configuration needs.

    Mike Longstreet
    Vermont Agency of Transportation
    Civil Engineering Technical Support
    VTCAD Help

  • Nico,

    I'm seeing the same issue with the Project Explorer while using the FDOT workspace. Project Explorer isn't maintaining my settings from session to session.

    Any ideas?

  • Cliff,

    This is a six year old thread. You really need to start a new one as many will never see this. We use only power InRoads, so we don't see this. Sounds like mixing different versions of InRoads on top of MicroStation seems to be part of the issue.

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