Update Feature Definition From Library

If I hase used a feature definition defined from a library a copy of this feature definition is placed in the design file.  If the feature definition is then updated in the dgnlib how can this same feature be updated in the dgn file?

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  • We have been requesting this functionality from the first versions of OpenRoads Technology in V8i:

    As CADD managers and Users we need methods to be able synchronize/update from library(dgnlib) any standards, either on an individual basis or in bulk. Additionally we need standard "glyphs" and/or color coding to depict when standards used or differ from libraries. It also needs the granularity to show which item in a group differs when multiple options are available.  A good example that Bentley uses and already exists can be seen in Text Styles. 

    This should be carried through all aspects of the product whether viewing the standard through Explorer, the Feature Definition Toggle Bar or Manager dialogs (like filters).