Update Feature Definition From Library

If I hase used a feature definition defined from a library a copy of this feature definition is placed in the design file.  If the feature definition is then updated in the dgnlib how can this same feature be updated in the dgn file?

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  • As someone trying to fine tune Annotation right now, this has become a very tedious process. I also submitted an Enhancement Request to add a "Compress Design" for Civil Data in a design file, which would be a reasonable middle step. I'd have to go back through my comments to find which thread we got an Enhancement Request number for the Sync Feature Definitions tool, but the Enhancement Request number for the latter that I described was 988933. I'd settle for a macro/extension that sets every object in the design file to "No Feature Definition" and deletes all unused Feature Definitions, Feature Symbologies, Annotation Groups and Annotation Definitions in a given design file.

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