How to show 3D lines/objects in OpenRoads Profile?

How can you view 3D elements in the profile view for OpenRoads?

What I'm trying to accomplish is when we create our profiles, we need to know where cross drainage features are and their size/height, etc. etc. With the Geopak Classic method, this isn't an issue because you draw the culverts into the design model normally and draw your profile around this. However, with the dynamic nature of OpenRoads this isn't as clear cut. If I draw a 3D box for a culvert, the culvert is shown in the cross section view as expected (and hoped), however, it isn't displayed in the profile. How can we reference information into the profile for designing the profiles?

  • I wish we could attach reference files to profile views or as you wrote draw culverts, bridges, geology subsurfaces, etc in profile view. It is realy cumbersome to designe your profile without that information. Displaying crossing features of 3D objects it is not enough. Simple example. to import previously designed profiles from graphic I need to use old InRoads tools.

    What are OpenRoads development plans for profile designing? I am sure there are some.



  • Exactly my dilemma in designing a sheet piling wall along a river. My profiles need to show the wall, almost as if it were an elevation view, or at least projected into the profile; our local Dept of Environmental Protection requires this. The best I can do now (but I may be missing something) is to do a model "cut" along the profile, but that only picks up the object(s) that actually intersect the profile; the Z–fold sheet pilings only follow along their back planes, so there are "missing" gaps all along the profile. I then have to go to my corresponding profile drawing models and hand draft all the connecting pieces —needless to say, a major pain and all lost when the alignment shifts.

    So I for one am eager for this to get further developed.

  • Thanks, Mark, but I'm not sure what you mean by that. I have a referenced model of the wall (all 3D solids) that I'd like to project into the profile of the wall alignment. I can do a 3D Cut into the profile window, but not sure what you mean by "projecting the wall levels." Any further guidance here? Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Ken,

    You can extend the Profile 3d Cut function to display elements in front or behind the alignment by going to the Profiles 3d model reference in the reference dialog (created with the 3d cut function), right click and go to "Presentation". In the Presentation dialog that opens, enable the Forward and Back options under Clip Volume settings and then when you reresh your 3d cut you will see everything in your 3d model in front or behind the alignment.



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  • Thanks, Mark.

    I did (sort of) figure that part out, but not sure how to set the amount of depth. I can do this in section cuts (set forward and back depth), but for profiles it seems to be either all clipped or not clipped (which shows everything in front of/behind the alignment, but I only want to show a certain "depth" front/back of the alignment, say 1 foot or snapping to the front/back edges of elements.

    I'll keep exploring and learning, and I truly appreciate the pointers. Thanks much!


  • Hi Ken,

    Yeah I can't figure out the depth side of things either - an enhancement to allow us to specify a forward/back depth would be great!



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  • Now, that's gettin' to the nub of things . . . I agree, I agree. The simpler approach, though, would be to just allow objects to be projected into profile views like they used to have it with InRoads, but there may be a programming issue that won't allow that now that the views are all dynamic, I don't know.

    I just look forward to a solution some day.

    Thanks again.

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