I am new to Geopak V8i SS2.

I have created plan and profile sheets using the Plan/Profile Sheet Composition tool.  I have set the option to use a Motif file and set the Plan and Profile Motif files appropriately.  However, when I create the sheets, my plan and profile sheets reference the original design files, not the Motif files.  I have also created a separate file for the clipping shapes.  When I create the sheets I am in the clipping shapes file.  Does it matter which file I am in when I create sheets, and is that the reason the Motif files are not being referenced properly in the plan and profile sheets?

  • Hi,

    I'm having the exact same issue right now. I followed the FDOT webinar in which she explains the two settings to accomplish this; however, in the PLANRD## sheets, there is still a laundry list of references instead of just motif and border.

  • It appears I did not have all references only set-up in the Motif files, but had a surface populated directly in the file, not referenced.  So when I created the sheets, apparently, the software only looks for references and the one reference I had was my original design file, not a existing topo reference as I was expecting.  It also appears it does not matter which file you are in when creating the sheets as long as the Motif files contain all the references you will need.  If they do not, you will have to re-create the sheets after adding the new references to the Motif files.

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