Store a chain with a shift.

Hello, I would like to store a chain with like a 12' shift in the chain.  I have  it drawn out the way I like it but when I do store graphics it just draws a  line between the two points.  How do I make a shift in the alignment?

  • you cannot do it with store graphics. you need to do it with a cogo input file. here is a sample:

    STO POI 1356 N 1527703.4741982406 E 526762.8177342629 STA 531168.5561242438

    STO POI 1357 N 1527688.8512110272 E 526759.4758418407 STA 531168.5561242438

    STO POI 1350 N 1527647.8284030319 E 527244.1462958009 STA 531656.5118476942 ELE 102.0561000000

    STO CUR B3-1 PC N 1528219.6588503101 E 525726.6748749670 DB 130.0899248389 D 2.3290967282 DEL -27.2168024566 STA PC 530000.0000000000

    STO CUR B3-2 PC N 1527688.8512110272 E 526759.4758418407 DB 102.8731223822 D 3.3214944645 DEL -14.7127498347 STA PC 531168.5561242438

    STO CHA B3  CUR B3-1 1356 SHIFT  1357 CUR B3-2 1350 AS IS

    You add the word SHIFT at the point where you are shifting.

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