Creating a Terrain Model from Multiple Corridors

I am attampting to create a terrain model from several corridors.  The location is in an area where several ramps converge and would like to use the terrain model to define the detailed grading that a simple corridor can not produce.

What is the preferred method for something like this?  Is the terrain model even considered the best practice here?

If I import various features from the corridor they come in as a whole entity which is much longer than what I need.  Also, these features can not be modified in any way to trim them to the desired length.

I have thought about making horz. and vert. geometry along the desired features but this seems labor intensive.


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  • Try to create separate terrain model from each corridor  and then create complex terrain model.



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  • That is not the issue at hand in this particular situation.

    I have several corridors which are part of an interchange.  In many areas, the infield areas, there are some portions of the corridor that I want to maintain and others that should be removed.  Basically to complete the grading in these areas.

    I know I could import the graphics but that breaks the link back to the corridor.  If you simply import to corridor lines, it will work, but in most cases those lines extend far beyond the limits of the infield area in question.

    I am wondering what the recomended workflow would be for an area like this?  From my investigations it does not appear to be possible without breaking the linkage back to the corridor.  Therefore, I think this type of work should be done late in the design process, when most of the corridors have been already set.

  • I am not sure if this will achieve what you are looking for or not but worth mentioning.  If you change the project settings for each corridor to output a "top mesh", then you can make one terrain model where all top meshes would be included.  There is also a mesh tool in MicroStation where the boundary of each mesh could be extracted.  I have created a video on this topic you might take a peak at.  

    The link will be good for about a week.  With the mesh boundary extraction, you would have to make one for each mesh and work with it accordingly.


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