Target Elevation of Mainline Surface for tie from Side Road?

New user so bear with me.  I have a mainline corridor concept roughed out and a FINISH surface created from it.  I would like to force side road (backbone/edges of lane)  to match the finished mainline surface elevation inside the intersection, even if that supersedes the SE or normal crown of the side road corridor.  The center line profile of side road was already calculated to closely follow the mainline finish grade as it crosses over the intersection so I really just need to control the edges.  Seems like it should be very simple - just force the elevation of EOP-LT and EOP-RT to be read from the finish surface of mainline corridor.    Do I have to go so far as creating additional alignments and vertical profiles thru the mainline finish dtm?   Can this be point control and if so what setting or settings to use?  InROADS Suite V8i not GeoPAK.

Thanks, Michael

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