Citrix Support for Open Roads Designer and Concept Station

To my knowledge Bentley does not support Open Roads Designer in a Citrix virtualized environment.

MicroStation Connect edition is supported in Citrix but I was told Open Roads is not

We are moving all users over to using Citrix for multiple reasons. We cannot sustain purchasing powerful tower PCs for all users. By consolidating the powerful computing at the server level (including nVidia graphics cards) it simplifies upgrades and also give freedom for users to use any computer they want including personal machines at home and mobile devices. Citrix also means much easier branch collaboration. Instead of maintaining expensive branch server infrastructures and figuring out how to copy files to places as needed, we instead can keep everything in one datacenter where all users, regardless of geographic location, connect to and use. Citrix also greatly simplifies software management as we are now only doing installs on a couple Citrix images instead of over 300 users’ machines. And when one of those PCs has a software or hardware issue we don’t need to troubleshoot it. They just need to sign out or reboot something in Citrix and it’s back to the baseline version. The user’s computer no longer matters and we can swap it out with ease since it only needs the Citrix Receiver on it.


  • We are also using Citrix for production, mainly in our design centers other than our HQ.  It is far more cost conscious for us to be able to do this without localizing IT infrastructure in all of the design centers and we can maximize a talent pool of staff from wherever they are even outside of locations where we have an office.  Citrix allows us to minimize the cost of IT infrastructure and IT staff and reduces the time it takes to open a design center while hiring production focused professional that produce more for our clients.

    Our vision as a company is focused on security and production, where as we maximize security on our main servers at HQ as a single source of truth and not allowing versions of our files to exist on local pc's. 

    This also allows us to deliver current versions of software to all staff and maximize the use of their expertise without worry on if software is installed on their pc and the timeframe it may take to do installs on a geographic disperse staff.