OpenRoads Terrain model TRUE offset


It would be very beneficial when designing channels(lining channels with riprap etc.) or in a similar fashion milling/ overlaying a roadway to be able to make a TRUE offset of that surface. I understand there are templates to do milling and overlay but when you get a complicated surface(like a scour hole depression in a channel) it does not like it. Pushing a clean cut template is not the solution for these type of designs when the design/proposed surface is iterative. 

I understand there was the transform surface command in SS2 but this lifts the surface in the Z direction only and so quantities are not correct because it is not a true offset. There needs to be functionality to offset a surface where the triangles are allowed to grow or shrink such that cross sections can be cut and the perpendicular measure tool (minimum or maximum) measures a consistent thickness throughout. Is this what surface templates are designed for in ORD?

if this cannot be completed another option is to add a tool in the vertical geometry or profile tools to offset the active profile just like the standard microstation graphics offset tool delivered for years. Then you could create a profile of existing ground or any surface in the profile view. Then the offset tool could be used to offset the profile for the new desired profile. Then, set it active and have it draw it in 3D. While it may be tedious this could be done at small intervals and then a terrain could be created from the new TRUE offset graphics. Mission accomplished I now a true offset surface.

There are other reasons this would be powerful. Designers often need to be able to offset a line draped to a surface in the Z direction.

Any help would be appreciated.