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Hi I am new to this forum but anyone here can help me where I can get help with prosteel questions?



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  • You're in the right place, ask away.

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    Here first off, is there some kind of tutorial for prosteel.  i've taken the course by bentley and I understand how to do things in model but when it comes down to detailing, prosteel r18 or V8i is not very user friendly.  I am actually looking for a decent sample of 2d detail drawings made by prosteel.  Now since bentley bought kiwi soft (the original prosteel developer) can we see any improvements on detailing? I've seen a sample of X-steel detail drawing and they look pretty impressive.  Also there's really hard to get help on prosteel.  First the help manual is not very good, and Bentley support well, good luck if they get back to you.  I just dont understand why everytime I call bentley for support or help I get to speak with Adam, and he takes my message and they call me back? can't i just speak to someone who knows what their doing off the bat? ( im not sure if this is where I should comment on this)  Anyway, any help on prosteel would help esp. on detailing. 



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    Hi Joel,

    we know that the "out of the box" details of X-Steel are looking better than in ProSteel. Our focus was in the past to create an application that gives you the possibility to create details how you are expecting them. So we are able to create details in a quality like the other solutions on the market. But you have to understand how the stuff with the Detail Center and the Detail Styles is working.
    What have we done so far: we have created a Detail Style Express (Wizard) to create very easy a new Detail Style.
    Very soon we will implement some "default" styles, and then the "out of the box" creation of details will be much better.
    When this is done we will focus on futher improvemets in helping to create Detail Styles.

    For support we have very experienced colleagues all over the world (Germany, Canada, USA ...). Usually we recomend to create a Service Ticket, that should work. In addition you can find some information in our Knowledge base.

    Sice we have the BE Community we try to create "help AVIs" if someone is asking specific questions. I.e. you can find videos about the exchange with STAAD or how you create a DWF file. It is a beginning and we will create and post more in the future.



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    Thanks Gernot, for anybody out there having trouble with prosteel, here's a good forum for it as well, - but I still think that we should also have one here in BE community specifically only for Prosteel because there is alot ot cover in this program.  Anyway, even with the course I've taken I am still a bit lost, but I guess I just need to play around with the program more.  

     i know this forum is for Structural Analysis and Design - and I guess all the questions for RAM/STAAD, prosteel, etc are all in one here and I would like to make a suggestion of seperating this in other folders, so that if i would like to look up query relating only to prosteel then I should be able to find it easier, same goes for STAAD users, I guess.


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