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BS Steel design for Column in Staad V8i

Pls some one help to give information how can i  use column design according to clause 4.7.7 (BS 5950-2000)

in staad. When the beam is released , there is not moment in column and staad design column without moment

accordingly. But BS code say for column design in simple structure , we must consider moment  by  eccentricity of

beam to column and shear force in beam ( clause 4.7.7). Is  there any funciton in staad pro includes this consideration.

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  • There is no automated way in the program to account for the moment during analysis or design. Any moment that a member should be designed for has to be induced through the means of applied loads on the structure. How about you manually apply a moment at the top of the column using the JOINT LOAD facility? Since the beam is released, the moment will be absorbed directly by that column, and the column will then be designed for that moment. The magnitude of the moment can be decided by you based on the conditions prescribed by the code in the clause you mention.

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