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How to show bending moment diagram graph of continuous beam

Dear all

  I have attached picture to show the example of BMD graph diagram from anonymous.I try to do it in any solution (such as physical beam but not show scale of moment on y-axis) but i can't.


Thanks for your advance

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  • We might need a litle more clarification in order to help you best. STAAD.Pro can display both bending moment diagrams AND bending moment envelope diagrams. It can be done on a member-by-member basis, or it can be displayed for an entire model at one time. We can adjust the scale of the diagram and annotate it with values to make it easy to interpret. We can even capture these diagrams for inclusion in a report. What were you trying to do? Cheers, Chris

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    I try to show my result like attached picture but can't do that.If you know please explain step by step.

    I think the attached image shows a sample of what you are looking to achieve.  Here's how I created it:

    1. In post processing mode, go to Beam tab.  Forces subtab will be active by default.  Mz diagram will be displayed by default.

    2. Set Active Load dropdown list to Envelope.

    3. Click Results > View Value.  On the Beam Results tab, select Maximum in the Bending category.

    4. Adjust scale as necessary.




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    Thank you for your kindness chris.In my opinion your method for show continuous beam is enough but if possible I need to know how to create result like my attached picture.



    Sorry...there are two important items that I didn't mention in my last response. First, to create the .jpg file, I used the export graphic tool. Second, if you wanted to include the moment envelope on a formatted page, you could use the take picture command instead, and then include the picture using the Report setup facility. This would allow you to include your company name, logo, date, etc., on the output. Cheers, Chris

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    Thanks chris

    I understood but  your process don't have some important information that's show on list below

    1.Moment scale (y:axis)

    2.Easy to understand (node and graph have been show)


    I'm waiting good answer from you...cris




    I think the only other thing I can easily add is the node numbers.  Those can be displayed by using the keyboard hotkey CTRL + N.

    The scale can be displayed if you use the Graphs sub-tab of the Beams tab in the Post Processor, but only for a single analytical member at a time.  If that is acceptable, then you will have a graph that looks very much like the original that you posted.  The Graphs sub-tab does not currently support the display of graphs for Physical Members.

    If none of the previous options is acceptable, then the Technical Support Group recommended the use of OpenSTAAD to extract results, and then Excel to plot the graph, format the labels, axes, title, etc...



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