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Connect the beams to support a vertical tank

I am designing a silo in Acad 3d and I have not been able to import full Staad Pro, the tank does not attach.
as I draw in Staad pro tank and attach it to the support beams?, I do not see the option of drawing that permits me to do.

In the wizard model is a cylinder frame, but not left beams attach to the body, so I want draw the tank on the body
of nodes, but as I do?

How to connect the beams to support a vertical tank

I work with Staad Pro V8i

thank you,


Alexander Saavedra

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  • Alexander,

    If I understand correctly, you have successfully imported the steel framing that supports the tank, and you know that you will use the Structure Wizard to generate the mesh of plates to represent the tank. 

    So the last step is to merge the prototype from Structure Wizard into STAAD.Pro.  When you do this, you will be given the option to specify the insertion point of the tank.  You will need to specify a location that coordinates it with the steel framing that you have already modeled.

    Check your connectivities at that time, to be sure things are connected precisely, and you should be all set.



  • In reply to Chris Conrad:

    Hello Chris,


    Thanks for your advice.

    Structure in the Wizard can give two different models (and tank support beams) and make one. I mean, having the tank fact, I can import the design of the supporting beams in the Structure Wizard?


    thanks for your help



  • In reply to Alexander Saavedra Mambuscay:

    Hola Alexander,
    Mi nombre es Francisco y estoy ayudando a Chris a entender tu pregunta/problema. Lamentablemente no entendemos lo que quieres decir con "I WISH TO JOIN THE BODY POWER OF BEAMS THE VERTICAL TANK AND POWER TO MAKE THE ANALYSIS STRUCTURAL. DO NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO FOR THE CONFIGURATION OF THE SUPPORT BEAMS". ¿Podrías repetir tu pregunta en Español y yo se la traduzco a Chris?

    Muchas gracias,

    Francisco Diego

  • In reply to F_Diego:

    On behalf of Francisco Diego,


    1. He wants to import his model from AutoCAD to STAAD.Pro. He is able to bring in the support beams but not the vertical tank. Why?


    2. Since he was not successful importing the tank, he modeled the tank in STAAD. How does he merge both models into one now?



  • In reply to Chris Conrad:

    Thanks for the help Francisco.



    I assume that the tank could not be imported from AutoCAD to STAAD.Pro, because it probably was not in the form of a mesh of plates with corner nodes.  This is the way STAAD.Pro approximates a cylindrical structure like a tank.

    I understand that you have successfully imported the support structure, and you have successfully modeled the tank. 


    1. Start with the model that contains the tank.

    2. Select all of the tank plates, and then use Edit > Copy.

    3. Move to the model with the support structure.

    4. Use Edit > Paste and specify the appropriate shift in the Paste with Move dialog.

    That should merge the two models together.




     from one model to the

  • In reply to Chris Conrad:

    Hi Chris


    Thanks for your help, it is incredible that  these  features  help me solve my problem.

    I already have the model as in ACAD,


  • In reply to F_Diego:

    Hola Francisco,  


    Gracias por su ayuda, ya tengo el modelo como deseaba, con su colaboración lo he logrado.


  • In reply to Alexander Saavedra Mambuscay:

    You are very welcome. Glad we could help out. Cheers, Chris

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