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Adding Wind Loads to Surfaces

How do I go about adding wind loads to my structure so that they are applied to each surface? I have defined my wind type in 'Wind Definitions' and applied it as a wind load, which in turn is shown on my surface, which I have specified as 5mm thick steel, however whenever I analyze the structure I get an error of 'No unsupported masses'.

Could someone please advise me on where I am going wrong.

Many thanks.

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  • Plates and solids are not considered in calculation of panel area for wind load. Remove the plate from your model, perhaps the error will vanish. Please do and post the outcome.

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:

    I tried deleting the surface but now get the error 'No surface incidence has been provided yet' I believe I may not have described my problem very well. I am currently designing a framework that is to be clad with a PVC membrane, I wish for the wind loads to be transferred from the PVC membrane to the columns and perimeter beams.

    My thinking was to specify a surface which was connected to the beams and columns, which in turn could be specified as the material used (ie 1mm PVC) with the wind loads applied. Am I wrong in my thinking or in my application of it?

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    Will you please upload the file? It appears to me that solution to the error is at hand. You are definitely wrong in your thinking. Wind load can not be applied to the frame through the membrane. Delete the surface and also the nodes which might have been created in course of  creating the surface and then apply the wind load and see the result.

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:

    Many thanks for your help, how / where do I upload the file?

  • In reply to Johnlittle:

    When you click reply you will find rich formatting. click that. Then you will get a word like format to type your views. After that you click options which is at the top of format. There you will find option to add enclosure which you can enclose from the drive where it is saved. you click the file and then open and click the Save at  below. Thereafter post and then go back .... back Ok It is always advisable to send the zipped file if the size of file is big.

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:

    This is just the practice cube I have been working on to try and get to grips with using staad.

    Cube 2.std
  • Hi Johnlittle. You are using the wind load to SNiP 2.05.07-85, so the program is probably processing the wind pressure on structure in a different manner. If you custom the intensity vs height then let the program work out to ASCE (if you desire) then range the extent of wind load effect no such error occurs.

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