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Flat Steel Bar

How to model a Flat steel bar 150 wide x 10 Thk x 1000 Long and be able to design and get unity ratio for the member.


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  • To begin with, STAAD.Pro does not design flat bars. The only way to get a design out of STAAD for these type of sections is to define these as User table General Sections ( using menu option Tools > Create User table > New table and choosing section type as General ). You would need to enter the appropriate properties of the section like Cross Sectional Area, Moment of Inertia, Section Modulii and others. STAAD would then design the user table general section following rules applicable for wide flanges and generate unity ratios.

  • In reply to Sye:

    Thanks Sye, I used the User table General Sections and used the define polygon and computed section properties. But I am getting a warning saying that Design not performed for User General Sections.

  • In reply to ayman tfaily:

    Most likely TB and TD values are specified as zero. These has to be non zero for the section to be classified and designed. The terms are explained below


    Thickness associated with section element parallel to depth (usually web). Used to check depth/thickness ratio


    Thickness associated with section element parallel to flange. Used to check width/thickness ratio

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    Dear Sye,

    Is it not possible to define the flat bars with YD and ZD?

  • In reply to sureshprsharma:

    Yes you can but the only issue with that is, these are treated by STAAD as prismatic sections and hence not designed. If you do not need a design, you sure can use YD and ZD.

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