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Hi, I'm giving the input as in my text book in the Indian models of Staad.etc - but i'm getting error only. what may be the reasons? this is happens for almost all options like - columns, staircase, slab design & etc .... too. what i have to do - to get the result?

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  • STAAD.Etc requires a seperate license to run the program.

    Also, STAAD.etc has been phased out with effect from July 2007.

    After STAAD and RAM both came under the Bentley umbrella, Bentley now has a set of programs which have a lot in common. One of the goals of the software development group is to eliminate this overlap, so that our R&D resources can be utilized more effectively in creating better software. One program which has been selected for phase out as a result of this effort is STAAD.etc.

    If you want to speak to a Bentley representative about the program which has replaced STAAD.etc, please let us know and one of my colleagues will get in touch with you.


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    Hi, we are using STAAD.etc software since last many years. We basically use this software for designing the foundations and retaining wall. It has given excellent results for foundation design. We have licensed version of it. Since it was purchased long back it is installed in an old computer. Now that computer doesn't work properly, it gets hang or sometime screen gets blank while using the software. Computer engineers say that the ram is very old. They even say that if we upgrade the ram then STAAD.etc software won't work. What is the solution for this? Please advice.
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    Nihesh was right. STAAD.etc was owned by Research Engineers, Inc. (REI) and worked on dongle based licensing system about a decade ago. Once REI was acquired by Bentley Systems, Inc. STAAD.etc has been discarded from its’ software portfolio.

    The design modules and other features in STAAD.etc were compiled with similar modules in other software. The enhanced and more featured design modules are now available in STAAD.Foundation Advanced (SFA) and RAM Elements.

    Therefore, if you are able to fix the problem of your old computer, you may continue STAAD.etc. Else, you have to acquire SFA and RAM Structural System in order to carry out your foundation and retaining wall design.

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