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Analysis of a fixed beam

Hi there,

this is a very basic problem as i understand. could anyone help me out with this

i am using staad 2007.

problem: its a fixed beam with a 10kN-(DL) load vertical and 3kN-(ACCEL) load horz. as two load cases

i hv plotted the BM and as seen in the attachment 1.3DL+0.7ACCEL i get two ans in two windows :)

the input file is also given, if there is any mistake in that please point out the same

Thanks and Regards


Fixed Beam.doc

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  • Can you let us know the build of the program you are running? You can find the same from Help>About STAAD Pro.

     It wll be shown as 20.07.xx.xx

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    It shows Build 01 pls see attached screen shot
    Build info.doc
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    Don't use that command for inputing concentrated force on members...instead, add nodes where u want to have the concentrated loads, for instance in you rmodel, add one node in the middle of the beam and utilise nodal load to apply force....i've got the same problem when i started using Staadpro...this has been going wrong for a while...
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    Cheers Baongo!

    But I think what u suggest is one way out. but isnt that something wrong in the widely accepted and used software! Like i believe staad analysis to be good unless i found this problem. not yet sure if it is just the graphical problem or implications are there in design also. didnt go that deep!!

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    My friend...I dont think it is just the graphical problem...i've found some design issues also. Anyway, software is finally just the product of human work so flaw is something inevitable...the more we dig deeper the more mistakes we would point out...but i can't deny the fact that Staadpro is currently the most reliable software i ever used...just keep ur eyes opened while using it.
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    This is only a graphical error present only in the plotting of the moment diagram in the Member Query window, to the best of our knowledge. It has since been rectified. The version of STAAD currently in distribution, called STAAD.Pro V8i (also known as, plots it correctly. You can download it from the Bentley SELECT services site.

    Talking about the build currently in distribution, a new build of the program ( is expected to be released this week. It has been placed on the SELECT site with a disclaimer in red indicating that it is going through the final certification process, which will hopefully be completed with a day or two.

    You can download it now, or wait for a couple of days and download the certified version.



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    I agree! Good to talk to u baongo. well, as mentioned now, they state its just a graphical problem.


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