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indian concrete code?

Dear friends,

i got the problem while using V8i.while designing the concrete using indian code i got an error message "Copy protection device system does not support Indian(concrete)design code.The design will not be performed."Please someone help me to fix this problem.It is urgent for me.

Thanks in advance.

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  • If you are using one of the recent versions of STAAD.Pro such as STAAD.Pro V8i or STAAD.Pro 2007, make sure that you switch on the box next to Indian codes on the opening screen of the program. Once you switch it on, there should be a green circle adjacent to that box. If you see a red circle instead, it means you either do not have a license, or it is checked out by somebody else in your company.

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    dear SKLose

    thank u very much for ur attention.on thing i want to ask is it is ok if we design cantilever slab intergal with building?

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    Not sure if you are asking about analysis or design.

    By analysis, I mean the process which yields joint displacements, support reactions, plate element stresses, etc. Any FEA program like STAAD or RAM Elements will do that. Cantilever slabs should pose no problem since it is just a matter of meshing the slab properly and placing the supports or beams at the right places.

    By design, I am referring to what RAM Concept does, which is, find the reinforcement arrangement required to support the loads from the analysis. If you are referring to this, you have to ask the RAM Concept support group. I know it designs elevated floor slabs, but whether there is anything specific about cantilever slabs which makes it difficult to design, I am not sure.

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    Dear SKLose

    I am refering to design.I want to know whether staad alone can design cantilever slab/beam.I am new to staad and do not know RAM concept.I will learn it soon.

    Best Regards

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    With STAAD.Pro, you can design only individual elements per the Indian code. The program will tell you the area of steel required at top and bottom sides in the local X and Y directions for the MX and MY moments only. But it cannot do a full scale design of the slab (bar arrangement, shear design, punching shear check, etc.) per the Indian code.

    However, STAAD can do a rudimentary slab design per the BS5950 code in the Concrete Design mode.

    STAAD can design concrete beams and columns per the Indian code. You need to specify the DESIGN BEAM and DESIGN COLUMN commands through the GUI or the editor. Take a look at example problem 8 in the sprov8i\staad\examp\ind folder. Or refer to the American or British example 8 in the Help-Contents-Application Examples page.

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    Dear SKLose,

    I don't find the way to remove the load on particular beam once we had assigned.please tell me how can I edit load on particular beam.

    urs faithfully

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    Dear Kris and SKLose,

    thanks a lot for ur help.i had something wrong with my i tried to import the analysed model to it,it does not work.i have also attaches this problem in  forum.please help

    urs faithfully

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    Govinda Dumaru,

    If it is urgent, I suggest you contact the STAAD-Foundation support fellows directly.

  • Govinda,

    I too suggest that you report this matter to the technical support staff for STAAD. You can post your question at the following link

    Please include the version number of STAAD.Foundation, and the STAAD.Pro model when you describe the problem.

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    when you are transfering file analysis model to foundation, make sure you staad file closed. then it will work.

  • In reply to Kris Sathia:

    Dear Kris Sathia,

    I saw your posting dated Jul 23 2010. You have unambiguously explained in your attachment as to how to remove load from a member. This type of problem was faced by me also during the formative days. Slowly I could get over the problem by referring to the technical reference manual and practice. In my view there could be some more ways to remove the member load. Possibly that lost your attention. It could be removed with the help of Load Edit cursor on the left side of the GUI.. Secondly it could be by deleting the member from the load edit list from the edit list on the right side of the GUI. An experienced designer could delete the member from the load case of the Input file as well.

  • True. Only some of the methods are explained in that PDF file.

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    Another method but simple  to remove load from a member is Know the member number and go to STAAD editor delete the member from the member load list.


  • In reply to SKLose:

    indian code is not supported for desinging

  • In reply to shaik sultan:


    Can you elaborate your query? If there is any error or warning message, mention that. Also mention the build number of STAAD.Pro that you are using.(Go to Help > About STAAD.Pro)

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