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Modelling and Design of Shear Wall by Staad Pro V8i

Dear members,

Can any one tell me how to model the shear wall in Staad Pro V8i. Which commond do we use to model it; I mean to say 4-node mesh, mesh geneating, solid or any other.

How can we assign loading on the shear wall. If any one can attach an example, I would be greatful. I hope you will not direct me towards RAM Concrete softare because presently it is not in my hand.


Mushtaq Ahmad

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  • If you are looking to do a shear wall design, you need to model it using a surface entity.

    You can find an example on shear wall modeling and design in the folder


    The file name is


    In case you haven't looked up this topic in the Technical Reference manual, here is a summary of the relevant sections

    Surfaces Incidences -  5.13.3

    Openings in surface -  5.13.3

    Local Coordinates system for surfaces -  1.6.3

    Specifying sections for stress/force output -  5.13.3

    Property for surfaces -  5.21.2

    Material constants -  5.26.3

    Surface loading -

    Stress/Force output printing -  5.42

    Shear Wall Design -  3.8.2, 5.54

    In spite of what you have said, I would like to add that RAM Concrete is a better choice than STAAD for shear wall design.

  • In reply to Kris Sathia:

    Dear Mr. Kris Sathia,

    Thank you very much for your above reference. It was really very helpful.

    Could you please also help me as how can we fix the opening/ doors in shear wall in Staad Pro V8i.


    Mushtaq Ahmad

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