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Disable Notifications

It seems that every time I want to do something is staad some warning pops up. This may be ok for someone who just started to use the software, but if you are an experienced user it is really really annoying. Is it possible to permanently turn off the following:

- Notifications like: “Auto Save will save your file now. Do you want to proceed?”. (This is the real gem in the whole history of IT - of course I want to proceed)

- Or this one: “The assignment method you have chosen is xxxx. Do you want to proceed?” (yes I want to proceed  - that's what I just selected)

- Countless warning chains like this one: Click Save -> "No Changes Detected. Do you want to save model?” Click Yes -> “Warning – Structure has been modified”.


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  • You can switch off the Auto save option. For that, in the welcome screen, click on Backup Manager > check out the box for Enable Auto save.

    In STAAD, some processes are irreversible. Once you have completed the process, you can’t change back to the original condition. In such case, program always displays some warning messages to inform the user about this.

  • In reply to Suro:

    I dont want to switch off auto backup - STAAD is crashing on average about five times a day sometimes leaving the corrupted input file - thus having the multiple backup files is necessary. I just want to turn off useless notification that the Auto Save will save my file.

    I agree that the user should be notified about irreversible operations - but none of the examples I mentioned in my post are irreversible.

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    Hello Sasa

    Which version of Staad are you using? ( Go to Help >>About Staad Pro) , Can you kindly be a bit more specific about the crashes? When does the crash occur ? With all models or a particular model ?


  • In reply to Shany:

    The staad version is

    But crashes are another topic - here I am more concern to switch off notifications. If this feature cannot be controlled directly in staad - maybe modifying the registry can help?

  • In reply to sasa3k:


    Presently there are no such feature to "switch off" all the notofications, a few can be done (like the AutoSave option which has already been explained ) .  I will surely talk  to development team on this .

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