OpenUtilities Designer/sisNET, Map/sisFLOW, PowerView/sisVIEW Version .880/.40 and OpenUtilities sisIMS .40 available on Bentley Download

Dear users,

The following updated sisNET V8i SS4 products are now available via the Bentley software download:

  • Bentley OpenUtilities Designer with sisNET, versions in German + English
  • Bentley OpenUtilities Map with sisFLOW, versions in German + English
  • Bentley OpenUtilities PowerView with sisVIEW, versions in German + English.

Bentley OpenUtilities sisIMS, versions in German + English is expected early calendar week 42

The following tools can still be used with the new sisNET version

  • The sisNET project management, versions in German + English
  • The sisNET plugin for FME2019, German version
  • The sisNET Plugin for FME2018, German version

The products are available at and .

In case an English version of the FME plugin is needed, let us know.

Yours sincerely,

Theo van de Ven