sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 2 Available - English & German

Dear sisNET users,

We are pleased to announce the availability of sisNET CONNECT Edition (CE) Update 2, version, available in both English and in German.

  • As with the previous release:
    This version contains the full suite of sisNET products (all sisNET flavors, sisFLOW, sisVIEW and sisIMS).
  • If you search on the Software Download pages for sisNET, sisFLOW, sisVIEW or sisIMS, you will notice that in the end they all show the same sisNET CONNECT Edition x64 (SES) product. This is because all products are available from one and the same installer.

The sisNET readme has details on the updates in this version. That information will become available also on soon, which will then replace the publishing of this information in PDF format on the sisNET Files folder in the user community.

Supplementary notes on installation

Adaptation of the installation
In the first installation dialog box, configuration options can be selected in the upper right corner:

Additionally, the installation path, the location of the sisNET project data and the desktop start icons and add-ons to be installed can be selected:

Distributable deployment image
To avoid having to reload and adjust the setup again and again, the adjusted configuration with the required data can be downloaded as a deployment image - the shortcuts and add-ons selected for this type of installation cannot be changed afterwards.
Start call:
C:\Temp> ous10060004en.exe /layout C:\Temp

For more information on how to create a deployment image, please see 

sisIMS installation correction
After installing the sisIMS web components (c:\Bentley\sisIMS\web_appl\bin\Geotools._dllc:\Program Files\Bentley\OpenUtilities sisNET CONNECT Edition\OpenUtilitiesSisnet\Addons\BentleysisIMSCONNECTEditionde.msi)
the following file must be deleted: c:\Bentley\sisIMS\web_appl\bin\Geotools.dll

With kind regards,

Theo van de Ven, Product Manager