Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 3

The Promis.e product team is pleased to announce the availability of Promis.e CONNECT Edition x64 ( on Software Downloads.


If you would like the setup executable of Promis.e CONNECT Edition x64, please follow these steps to download it from Fulfillment Center:

  1. Sign in to               
  2. Choose Software Downloads from "My Support" section
  3. Select the Brand Promis.e and press the Apply button.
  4. Locate the "Promis.e" tile and select the Get Software link.
  5. Select the Generation of CONNECT Edition and click the Apply button.
  6. Download the latest release by clicking on the download button for Promis.e CONNECT Edition x64 version

Important installation requirements and notices are found in the Readme

Please refer to the following link for the Resolved Issues in Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 3.  Also, be sure to visit the Promis.e forum on Bentley Communities to keep up to date with the latest information on Blogs, Wiki's, Announcements and Support Forums. 

What's New Highlights

Components Center

Components Center is a cloud-based digital component library and catalog management service. It allows users to efficiently manage their digital component libraries while providing their designers with approved, proprietary components as well as manufacturer's content via subscriptions. 

Components Center users can create their own organization catalogs and populate them with content provided by Bentley or upload custom content to share among all their users. 

Standard Promis.e content placement tools now show content from Components Center. The first time a component is inserted it will be downloaded to a local cache folder making it faster to insert the next time you use that component.

The following enhancements have been made in this release:

  • The Catalog Manager is now integrated with Components Center and allows you to place components.
  • You now have the option to exclude the Bentley example content that is automatically available when enabling Components Center by enabling the toggle in the System Options> Components Center> Exclude default Bentley content.
  • Families are now downloaded from Components Center when you attempt to place a symbol from the catalog.
  • You have the ability to limit the content you can use from Components Center by selecting the application names you want to load content from in the System Options> Components Center settings. All components uploaded to Components Center can be assigned an application name.  You can load content from multiple different applications if you have a need to do so.
  • Content insertion tools respect the Component Center's states as follows:
    • Draft: Do not show component in Catalog Manager
    • Checked: Show in Catalog Manager as download-only (cannot place, load, or open)
    • Approved: Show in Catalog Manager as download-only (cannot place, load, or open)
    • Published: Show in Catalog Manager and allow full use
    • Archived: Do not show component in Catalog Manager

For all other placement tools only published content can be seen and placed.

Text Enhancements

Apply Text Settings to Multiple Symbols

After selecting multiple symbols you can right click and select Text Settings to apply text settings to all selected symbols.  The dialog now has a pull-down list that allows you to choose between Device ID, Connection Point Text, and Symbol Text to apply different settings as desired for each of these categories.

Text Justifications Now Applied to Multiple Lines of Symbol Text

Text alignment can now be applied to multi-line symbol text as a whole so that an attribute can be inserted in the symbol definition and the designer can trust that the text will grow in the desired direction and not interfere with the rest of the symbol. 

Cable / Wiring Diagram Enhancements

Improved Cable Diagram Display

Cable Diagram lines now extend to the end of each text string rather than being generated to the same length to the longest text string resulting in a gap between the line and the text on some terminals. 

New Wiring Diagram Wire Number Attribute

You can now add a wire number attribute for each terminal in your wiring diagram terminal strip symbol to control where the wire number for that terminal is displayed. It's useful if you wish to display the wire number in the center of the terminal and then print the from-to connections on either side of it.

Usability Enhancements

Parts Database Manager Supports Picklists

The Parts Database Manager now provides picklists for the Manufacturer and Category fields that are populated with the values currently used in the parts database.

Enhanced Schematic Terminal Editing

Now editing a terminal ID in a schematic to another strip ID that already exists in the project, will give you the option of updating all related terminals found in the same column or row rather than just changing the one terminal you directly edited.

New Snap to Din Rail Toolbar

The Snap to Din Rail toolbar button now highlights when the feature is enabled making it fast and easy to know the state of the feature. 

Enhanced Grid Settings

The Project Options > Standards> Default Grid/Snap Settings have been enhanced to allow you to specify rectangular grids in which the X and Y values are different. You can also specify the grid reference and set the grid configuration to either ortho or isometric.

New Report Filter Picklists

The Installation and Location filter fields in Reports now support picklists that are populated with the values used in the currently active project.  Using the picklists avoids typos and ensures you are filtering on the desired values.

New Dock Enabled Catalog Manager

The Catalog Manager has been converted into a dock panel that enables you to dock the wizard in the drawing interface and collapse it to a tab if so desired.

Augmented Engineering Design Considerations

  • New real-time and batch check identifies instances where the family you assign does not match with the device's part number.
  • The batch check results are no longer limited to 500 results which enables you to apply a filter to the "Wire Without Gauge" Check to exclude wires that are cables for instance.
  • The Engineering Design Consideration results now identify the zone number of the page that the issue resides in provided that you are using zone numbers in your page format. This allows you to more quickly identify the position of the issue being reported.

ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace Enhancements

  • The Catalog Manager's Import / Export Catalog features now allow you to select a source or destination from a ProjectWise repository when using a ProjectWise Managed WorkSpace.
  • The Modify Catalog Paths dialog now allows you to create a new catalog in a ProjectWise repository.

Administration Improvements

Elevated Security in the Database Update Tool

The Database Update Tool for creating new databases or updating the schema of existing ones will now require a "sysadmin" role to execute these operations.  This change was to better ensure that only authorized administrators can execute this functionality.

Enriched Command Protection

You now have independent control over the Project Backup and Restore features to grant or deny access to them separately.