Is it possible to add a background to the text boxes?

Hi all,

I have a copy of BOUD (V8i SELECT SERIES 4 for work use.

We use the Place Text and Place Tool functions (from the Tasks dropout menu on my left). There are times when all of the lines from the landbase and utilities in the design make it hard to read some of the text. So I wondered if there's a functionality to give a background color to the text boxes (especially the Notes) which would cover over the background effectively. Is this possible, and if so, how do I do it? I've only figured out how to add a border and arrow to the Notes. 

Another possibility is a blank white rectangle which could be drawn over an area, covering up the background noise, and drawing it to fit a text box, so the text box wouldn't have to have a background if I can get a blank shape to do it.

Thanks in advance (I haven't seen this question answered previously, my apologies if it has)!