Creating Nameplates

Anyone have tips on creating nameplates in the parts database and getting them to appear in the BOM manager? I read through the help and it appears that I would have to create a part, but I would have to configure a field for that part to indicate it as a nameplate in default.SystemOptions.xml. I thought I did that, but I'm still not able to see nameplates in my BOM manager.

  • Hi Joseph,

    please find below snapshot which shows you default nameplate fields are available you may need to drag and drop on the BOM layout.

    let me know. if it resolves your query.



  • This allows me to populate those fields, but it doesn't then show the part in the nameplate view when you change the type (material/nameplate) in the upper right hand menu.

  • And what was Bentley's intentions for the nameplate feature? Was it to have the nameplate info added for each piece of equipment as an attribute for that part?

    I am creating a dedicated nameplate part. My thought was to create a BOM entry for each nameplate (in addition to the devices themselves) and add the nameplate text as attributes. My hope, then, was to generate a report in BOM manager listing all of the nameplate parts in the BOM to create a nameplate schedule that I could add onto the drawing.

  • Nameplate - This view is designed for editing nameplates (device labels) where you can specify the text you want on the nameplate and specifications for the nameplate.

    <NameplatePart> - Specify the parts database field name that you want to use to designate a part record as being a nameplate rather than a standard material item. Designating a part record as a nameplate will cause it to only appear in the Nameplate view of the BOM Manager rather than in the Materials view. Enter the value "true" to indicate that the record should be treated as a custom part.

    and you can find out more information on how to "configure BOM Manager" in help content. which might help given below. 

  • Still not working for me...

    Per the documentation, the configuration file default.SystemOptions.xml specifies the field name that BOM manager is to reference for nameplates. Per the default settings, the entries are below:




    So I'm led to believe that I have to enter a value of "true" in the user31 column for each part that I want to designate as a nameplate. The only way I can do that is by opening the parts database and manually entering a value of "true" in the database for the desired parts.

    But when I go back into BOM Manager, I still cannot see this part under the Nameplate view.  Further, I do not see anything in the "user31" column for the part.