ARAMCO Excel file to create a Title block to export in Promis-e v8i -> write to title block failed!

We asked a company for their "Title Block" for a project we have to do for them, and they mailed us this software: AUTO-SACS 6.1...

After running the installer i don't understand what to do, i don't even know what this software is and if it is a plugin for promis-e v8i... someone had a similar experience or can help me understand what i have to do?


Changed the title because the question changed. :)

As i mentioned in the last post, i found in the package a folder named "Microstation ARAMCO Tools", in which there was an Excel file (that ask for marco activation when opened) to fill with many information about the "title block" (revision, name, type,...), and a button to "create drawing" (that shoud create a .dgn file with the title block and the information i wrote in the excel file before). 

After hitting the button, the script starts and open promis-e, and i see a preview of the correct "title block" but after that, seems like he can't create it (it just create it partially) and in the report file it says:"write to title block failed". 

This file should be a standard file for ARAMCO to create the Title Block, so i hope someone can help me this time, or give me a clue!

Promis-e v8i is installed in a pc with Windows Vista

Thank you,


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