Multiple Placement with Fuses

I am having an issue when I try to use multiple placement in panel layout with my fuse symbol. I have fuse part numbers and I have fuse holder part numbers both are needed to get the desirable information on the schematic and on our labels that we use. The problem is that in order to get the fuse description information such as amps and voltage the fuse needs to be the primary part number in the schematic. When you do that the fuse holder is the part that is used to place the layout on the panel. Since the fuse is the primary part number it does not allow you to use multiple placement in panel layout, because the fuse holder is not the primary part number in the schematic. Is there a work around for this?

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  • Yes, you could handle it that way. You may or may not think it is better than having to place the panel layout symbols individually like you are currently doing. I'm thinking it would involve the following:

    Setup work:

    1. Use Create Symbol to create a schematic symbol ("All Others" type) for the fuse holder. While creating this symbol, on the Specify Device ID step, place the tag mnemonic while the "Suppress Display of ID" check box is set. This will make the Device Properties dialog appear when placing the symbol but the device ID will not be displayed on the page. No graphics are necessary on this symbol. Insert an insertion point on the Specify Position step. Finish and save the symbol.
    2. Using Parts Database Manager, specify the new symbol in the Schematic_Symbol field of the fuse holder part numbers. This will make the part numbers appear with the default filter applied on the Select Part Number dialog when placing and assigning a part number to the new symbol.

    To use in the project:

    1. Insert the schematic symbol you typically use for the fuse and assign the fuse part number only.
    2. Insert the new fuse holder schematic symbol near the fuse symbol. On the Device Properties dialog assign the same device ID as the fuse. One good way to do this is to click the small button next to the Search button at the Device Tag field and then click the fuse symbol on the page. Click Search next to "Part Number" and assign the fuse holder part number to the fuse holder symbol.
    3. Repeat the steps above for the other fuses in the design.
    4. On the panel layout, select Insert Symbol By Device ID. Set the Group Settings as desired. Select the devices that are listed with fuse holder part numbers, do not select the devices with fuse part numbers. Click the Place Symbol button to place the symbols.

    Things to consider with this method:

    • If "Display duplicate ID cross-referencing" is enabled in Options > Project Options > Display Formats > Device Cross Reference, cross references between the schematic symbols for the fuse and fuse holder will appear on the page. You could disable "Display duplicate ID cross-referencing" or individually hide the cross references on the page by right-clicking them and de-selecting "Show Cross-Reference".
    • The fuse and fuse holder schematic symbols are not part of a family but should remain "linked" if you are careful. If you change the device ID of one of the symbols, you should be prompted with "Do you want to update all related symbols that share this Device ID?" Choose Yes.
    • If you have no graphics on the schematic fuse holder symbol, you can still get to the Device Properties and Select Part Number dialogs after the symbol is inserted by right-clicking the insertion point. Therefore you may not want to insert the symbol in the same exact position as another symbol's insertion point.

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