OPIM Dimension Config

So, I'm new to the OPIM world, so sorry if this question is off-the-charts basic in nature.

What controls the way the dimensions look?  I've worked thru the report.def, and got my BOM looking the way I want.  I can't seem to figure out a way to effect any changes on the way the dimension come out.

Is this controlled by setting a DIM_STYLE in the isoseed?  Am I missing something?

I've browsed through all the OPIM config on-demand videos on the LEARN server, and can't seem to find anything about setting up my dimensions.  All I want to do is make a few basic changes.  Large text, filled arrowheads, etc...


  • DIM text size is controlled in the dimension style section of the seed file also a filled arrow heads. Use Save Settings to save any changes to dimension as a normal save will not keep the changes alone. Also if the final output is DWG then I suggest using DGN output first then changing the output to DWG to ensure that the style is correct before introducing any issue that may occur from the DGN to DWG conversion.
    Joey Bertone
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    iTwin Services