When using "Plot" to print all drawings, why the drawings are not printed in a bulk, so the problem is, other person can interrupt our printing progress

  • Hi! When printing multiple drawings, each is sent as a separate job to the printer, allowing other print jobs to interrupt. In Promis.e CONNECT Edition to be released later this year, you will have the option to print as a "Single print job" to a printer.

    For Promis.e V8i, you can print to a single PDF file with these methods:

    • Use Plot Page(s) and the pdf.pltcfg plot configuration. Set Submit As to "Single print job" on the Print dialog. See also the Print to PDF article.
    • Use Project Publisher. Select the Bind PDF option on the Create Package step.

    Then print the PDF file, which will print as a single print job and avoid interruptions by other jobs.