Catalogue Manager & Parts DB Issues

Good Day All

Currently we have a team of 9 individuals working on setting up Bentley Substation V8i (Select Series 8) for our utility. Each user has a high spec laptop and our catalogue and parts database is stored on server which we all are connected to. Below is a screenshot of the ping statistics to the server;

We are currently experiencing a problem in that updates (additions, deletions etc.) done to our catalogue manager are not being reflected instantaneously. This changes are also not reflected on the Parts DB. Generally this problem seems to be worse during the day (8am - 4pm) when all employees are accessing the network. Out of these time frames updates performed in the catalogue manager seem to work correctly.

1. Could the quality of the network connection be causing this?

2. Could the number of simultaneous users accessing the same catalogue/SQL Server have an impact on this?

3. Could an Antivirus/Firewall be also contributing to this?

Any assistance would be welcomed.

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