Family on the fly

I have been using symbol on the fly and family on the fly but I can't seem to create more children, is there a limit to how many children you can have? I created a symbol and have three children already but I need to create one more child and it won't let me. When I go to the "Select Device ID to find my symbol it's not there, all I see are terminal blocks, anyone else run across this?

  • Hi Christopher. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are experiencing. But I can say that for a device to appear in the list after clicking Select Device ID on the Family On The Fly dialog, there must be more than one symbol placed in the the project with that specific, complete device ID. Family On The Fly is intended to be used to create a family based on a group of placed symbols that share the same device ID, or to select an existing family that fits.

    So if I insert symbol A with a device ID of =X+Y-CR106 and symbol B with a device ID of =X+Y-CR106 (the same), this device will be available after clicking Select Device ID.

    If I insert symbol A with a device ID of =X+Y-CR106 and symbol B with a device ID of =X+Y-CR111 or =X+Z-CR106 or =Z+Y-CR106, these device IDs do not match and so they won't appear on the dialog.

    If you are talking about adding another child to an existing family, use the Create Family tool to modify the family.

  • Thanks Matt, I got it figured out now, thanks!

    Chris McKinster

    Engineering Assistant

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