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We have several projects within a project folder that do not appear in project manager.  Going through explorer, they do still exist, but have disappeared from the project manager folder tree.  This is an issue for everyone on the network.

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  • All users have done that already.  Little background: we had a crash of sorts affect all users late last week, after troubleshooting it appeared that our 'project options profile:' XML file was corrupt.  Before fixing the XML file, most users cleared the app data.  After restoring that to a previous version, everyone was up and running, but this missing projects bug surfaced.  Being that we had 4 missing files, we copied two of the projects to another folder per other forum recommendation.  These 2 projects were visible in the new folder.  Now the old folder still has the 4 projects missing, and the new folder is inaccessible completely.

  • Aaron, I was in the process of reproducing missing projects by making the contents of the ProjectOptions.xml file in one of the project folders incomplete. This indeed results in that project and all projects that follow alphanumerically going missing in Project Manager. I would either temporarily move the folder for the first missing project as a test or replace its ProjectOptions.xml file with a known good ProjectOptions.xml file from a project with the same settings.

    I suspect the reason that the projects in the new folder are inaccessible is because you copied the project folders instead of moving them. I think the software tries to prevent the situation where users can work on both instances of the project folder because both would reference the same data in the database, which can lead to discrepancies.

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  • Hey there, fellow project managers,

    I wanted to seek your advice and insights regarding a challenge I've been facing recently. As a project manager, I've come across situations where certain project entries or documentation go missing or are incomplete. This can be quite frustrating and can potentially impact project success. I wanted to discuss some strategies to tackle this issue effectively.

    1. Communication and Documentation: Ensure clear and consistent communication with project team members regarding the importance of maintaining accurate project entries and documentation. Emphasize the value of these records in tracking progress, identifying risks, and facilitating knowledge transfer. Encourage team members to promptly update project entries and provide detailed information to avoid gaps or missing data.

    2. Regular Project Reviews: Conduct regular project reviews with team members to assess the completeness and accuracy of project entries. Use these reviews as an opportunity to address any missing information or documentation. Encourage open discussions and provide guidance on the importance of maintaining comprehensive project records.

    3. Implement Standard Processes: Establish standardized processes and templates for project entries and documentation. This helps ensure consistency across projects and makes it easier for team members to understand what information needs to be captured. Provide training and support to team members on how to use these processes effectively.

    4. Use Collaboration Tools: Leverage collaboration tools and project management software that allow real-time updates and tracking of project entries. These tools often have features that prompt team members to provide necessary information, reducing the likelihood of missing entries. Encourage team members to utilize these tools and regularly check for any missing or incomplete entries.

    5. Addressing Gaps: In cases where project entries or documentation are missing, take a proactive approach to address the gaps. Reach out to the relevant team members or stakeholders to gather the missing information. Document any corrective actions taken to complete the entries and ensure future adherence to project management processes.

    6. Continuous Improvement: Regularly evaluate and refine project management processes to address any recurring issues with missing project entries. Seek feedback from team members on potential improvements or challenges they face in maintaining project documentation. By continuously improving processes, you can minimize the occurrence of missing entries.

    Remember, open communication, standardized processes, and leveraging collaboration tools are key to mitigating missing project entries. By addressing this challenge proactively, you can maintain accurate project records, improve project visibility, and enhance overall project management effectiveness.

    I would love to hear your experiences and strategies for dealing with missing project entries. Let's share our insights and best practices to help each other overcome this challenge!

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