Printer Configs (.pltcfg)

Im trying to set a number of default settings in my printer config (.pltcfg), one of which is printing in colour.

Currently "Default Colour Mode" is set to true colour, however this will only print the pages in colour if I select all pages -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced -> Color Options -> True Colour.

The printer is also setup for colour within windows.

Have I missed an obvious setting somewhere thats preventing the colour printing?

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  • With this configuration if I either use Plot or even Project Publisher from under Output task, I am able to generate the output in color. Which of these options are you using to generate the outputs?

    I am using Plot page(s) from Project manager.

    We're both able to generate output in color, but when the print organizer is loaded for the first time, Color option in right Click -> Properties -> Advanced -> Color Options is set to Monochrome by default, even if printer driver has True Color enabled.

    When you reload printer driver:

    It automatically changes into True Color in right click -> Properties:

    So, there's a need to either reload printer driver or choose all pages -> Right Click -> Properties -> Advanced -> Color Options -> set True Colour before printing.

    Regards, Wojtek


    Best regards, Wojtek

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