Unable to select or modify text/tag (Element not valid for tool) warning

Trying to go back into older files and modify some of the text and tags but cannot select, modify, or even delete old text and tags. The symbols, wires, and drawing elements all work as they should.

I was reading that some of the older files made on a previous package may cause certain things to lock? I have gone through the different levels and unlocked them but still cannot access the info needed.

Even when probing information using the element information tool nothing pops up, I still just receive the element not valid for tool warning on the bottom of the screen. As i run my cursor over it the color changes but no right click available.

After going though the element selection tool I was able to narrow down the problem items as tags located in the ECT_LXV_TEXT level.

Any ideas other than redrawing the whole project to modify the text?


Promise.e V8i

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