Fuse Issue

Matt P, has this enhancement request TFS 7034 been addressed for promise v8i select series 8?

  • Hi Christopher,

    Can you tell me your questions is regarding https://communities.bentley.com/products/electrical___instrumentation/f/elcocad-promis-e-forum/112224/multiple-placement-with-fuses. From TFS number I can say that it is approved but let me check on V8i whether is fixed or not.


    Avanti Khandalkar

  • I work for the Kohler Company and we have requested some help to fix a problem we have had for a very long time. The fuses and the fuse holders are both picked when we draw them into the schematic into the same symbol. Doing this we need to keep the fuse part number as primary since this information on the fuse is needed when we extract tags to place on our equipment. The problem is when we make that part primary (fuse) the panel layout part is the fuse holder which is not primary so when it comes time to place them on the panel we have to pick them one at a time because two part numbers are there but only one can be used as a layout symbol. Because of that we can't use the multiple placement tool provided by the software. So we have explained this to Matt P several years ago and they have said they would look into it and try to come up with a fix but we have not heard whether or not this was looked at, and or fixed. I am currently using Select Series 8 version, let me know what you have found, thank you!

    Chris McKinster

    Engineering Assistant

    Kohler Company