Promise Connect Edition Questions

I have a couple of quick questions for Promise Connect edition:

  1. Im struggling to find out where to enable right click context menus. i.e Right click a symbol and view part numbers. Right click a cable and assign a wire number. Where abouts is this? It seems very long winded to use the ribbon menu for EVERY action.
  2. Looking at project migration, and the wiki suggestions;

To access your V8i projects in the CONNECT Edition you must perform the following tasks:

  1. Use the Configuration Assignment Utility, which can be accessed in the Project Manager, to assign a CONNECT configuration to your legacy V8i projects.
  2. Update your V8i project database schema to the CONNECT Edition Schema using one of the following methods:
    1. A SQL Server administrator can manually execute the update script file provided with the software here:

      C:\Program Files\Bentley\Promise CONNECT Edition\Promise\Electrical\SqlScripts\SQL_UpdateDB.sql

    2. Use the Project Database Utility > Update Project Database tab to execute the Update Script file from within Promis.e. The utility is accessed from the Project Manager by selecting the "Configure Databases" button and selecting the "New Database" button.

Does this method still apply if the V8i is currently connected to a networked microsoft SQL server? Im concerned that upgrading the existing database might break the current v8i usage for other members of staff, still currently using v8i?