How does LEARNserver Hands On / assesment based learning work?


I'm trying to fill in some huge gaps in my knowledge of Promis.e using the resources at

Looking at the download that comes with Promis.e CONNECT Edition Fundamentals (Metric)

you get the following files

I understand the concept of working along with the pdf to go through the fundmentals, however there is no guidance regarding the datasets / parts database. How are they used?

Following though with the PDF I very quickly reach a point where an option I'm requred to select are greyed out, preventing any progress. I'm unsure if it my lack of knowledge or an issue with my setup.

See family option greyed out here;

I'd also like to know how the assesment part of the OnDemand courses work.

Clicking on that option only brings up a window that says "Skills assesment" and nothing else.

Also, pointers towards any other online resources for learning some of the fundamentals of promis.e would be appreciated.



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