Promise V8i SS8 Project Database Utility not Updating Project Database

Disclaimer: I realize that support for V8i SS8 is discontinuing soon; I would convert immediately to the CONNECT series, but our IT department is still working on getting us a server with a compatible version of SQL Server. I need an immediate solution to get Promise working on a Windows 10 platform.

I have installed Promis.e SS8 on a computer and am trying to connect to our existing SQL database in the 'Setup' dialog; this database is on a network server running SQL Server 2008 and was previously configured to work with SS7. It asks if I would like to upgrade the database, so I say yes. The software brings up the Project Database Utility with the 'Upgrade Project Database' tab open; I tell it to Upgrade Database. I choose not to backup the database as this has already been done. Once completed, it brings me back to the Project Database Utility with a message "Script Execution Complete!" I close the utility and it brings me back to the Setup dialog. I click "Ok" on the Setup dialog and it just asks me to upgrade the database again as if the Utility did nothing. I can repeat this loop indefinitely without anything happening. Can someone help explain what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi Stephen,

    Below is Wiki Link for referencing Compatibility Chart for Promis.e CONNECT Edition.

    For the issue regarding installation of Promis.e SS8 where you are trying to connect it to Network SQL Server and update it. Kindly make a note that once the Database is updated to the Promis.e SS8, the users using Promis.e SS7 will no longer be able to use the same Database with Promis.e SS7 Projects.

    For the Database not getting updated can you try updating the database by running the SQL Script Method, you can refer the below Wiki Link Update the Database Method 2: Executing a Script and check if it helps with the issue.

    Hope this helps!

    Satish Saptasagar