Is there a "bulk add" option for symbol attributes in Promise CE?

I want to know if we can add many symbol attributes at the same time. We've moved over to Promise CE from V8i recently.

In Promise CE we are missing lots of the symbol attributes that we had in V8i. We can add them one at a time when we place a symbol by pressing "Add Attribute".

When we look under Symbol Text Sharing we see the available attributes in Promise CE.

In V8i we had lots more.

Where in Connect Edition can we add to & edit this list of attributes?


  • Hi Doug,

    To get all the Custom Attributes from Promis.e V8i to CONNECT you can copy the Multi_Language_UI.mdb file from V8i Dataset which is usually located on below location in OOTB setting "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Promise V8i\Promise Data\Databases".

    Paste the above file in your CONNECT WorksSpace folder, usually for Promise ANSI-IEEE it is located in the below Path.
    "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Promise CONNECT Edition\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Promise ANSI-IEEE Example\Standards\Promise\Databases\"

    Note: Make user you make a copy or move the Multi_Language_UI.mdb file in CONNECT workspace so that you can use it as a backup.

    Let me know if the above suggestion helps with the issue.

    Satish Saptasagar