Linking parent module symbol number to all child symbols


Recently moved to Promis-e v8i from promis-e 2007 having an issue with parent/child symbols, in the previous version there was a setting that allowed you to automatically link the parent module symbol number to all the child symbols.

parent module above, trying to get that number to automatically update on the child symbol.

Whenever I link the child symbol to the parent I am re-prompted to enter the module number. If anyone can help with this would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Chris,

    We would like to know which version of Promis.e V8i you are using currently ?

    Also we would like to know if the Device Properties of the Parent and child symbol need to be same, hence when placing child symbol it should have same Installation & Location as that of Parent along with Device Tag.

    Also the better workflow is to use Insert Symbol by Device Id which is used for placing the symbols with family assigned.

    Let me know if the above suggestion help with the issue you are facing.

    Satish Saptasagar