Balloon number dialog does not exist. Where can I find it?

I'm on Promis*e CONNECT I recently loaded a project that was created in V8i. The balloons got all messed up in the conversion. I am trying to fix them.

Some had changed color to blue, and some had changed size to be microscopic. This was an easy matter of changing the balloon style.

But they also changed from vertically oriented to horizontal, causing them to overlap each other and not be lined up cleanly like they were originally. According to the documentation, the "balloon number dialog" is where the setting to change from horizontal orientation to vertical orientation resides. However, this dialog is nowhere to be found in my software. The documentation says it is supposed to open when either "insert balloon" or "modify balloon" is selected, but in both cases I get a dialog titled "Modify Balloon" that has no setting for multiple balloon orientation. All it allows me to do is choose the balloon style and number.

How can I get to the balloon number dialog as illustrated in the documentation here:

Alternatively, how can I change the multiple balloon orientation setting in another way?

  • Hi Josh,

    Can you send a project that is affected after migration?

    Let us investigate this concern and update you.


    Avanti Khandalkar

  • Hi Josh,

    Please find below snapshot and steps from where you can arrange or make the settings for the Balloon orientation in Promis.e CONNECT Edition.

    After clicking on ‘place balloon ‘command.

    1. Click on “Dimension styles” as marked as 1 in below snap.
    2. Select the Balloon style.  Marked as 2
    3. In “Dimension styles” window select the  tab “text”, marked as 3
    4. make the changes as per your requirement. Marked as 4
    5. Make sure you “save” the changes. Marked as 5

    At present the options which were available in v8i are now can be done by using power flatform Microstation feature.