OpenUtilities Substation(update7)

OpenUtilities Substation giving errors at the time of opening.

Following is the text from 'LastError.txt' file (C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition\Configuration\Datasets\Substation\Config\LastError.txt) -

Void FillTable(Int32, System.String, System.Data.DataTable ByRef): The given key was not present in the dictionary.
0: at MDBProxy.ConnectionManager.FillTable(Int32 nConnectionID, String strSQL, DataTable& dt)
1: at MDBProxy.LocalTools.GetTable(Int32 nConnectionID, String strSQL)
2: at ECT.ECAD.DAL.DBDevice.CheckCatalogs()
3: at ECT.ECAD.API.Application..ctor(Boolean bNeedDrawingTool, Boolean bNeedDB)
4: at ECT.ECAD.API.Root.CreateApplication(Boolean bNeedDrawingTool)
5: at Bentley.Electrical.UI.Command.CommandEntryServiceBase.Init(Int32 hwndMode, Int32 hwndLayer)

Error snaps as follows-

1st error:

2nd error:

3rd error:

4th error:

5th error:

Need solution.

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