Keyboard Shortcuts

I would like to add keyboard shortcuts for the things I do the most in Promis.e.  I see where I can change function key and other keyboard shortcuts, but where do I find the list of text commands to assign?  I saw a reference to "Microstation Key-in List", but am unable to find that list.

Also, does this list include items from the RMB (right mouse button) menu?  I would really like shortcuts for things like Device Properties, Modify Text, etc as I seem to do this 1000s of times per day.

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Brad, 

    You can activate Keyboard shortcuts using the F2 key, it will reveal the keys that can be used to navigate trough the different menus and tools in the Ribbon Tool Bar. 

    Hope this helps 

    Thanks & Regards 
    Satish Saptasagar 

  • Thanks for the reply.  Yep, I had found the F2 feature.  I'm looking for a way to assign a short-cut key (like F7, or CTRL-D, etc) to items on the right-click menu, like this Device Properties or Symbol Text.


  • Hola Brad,

    A year-and-a-half later, I'm not sure whether this has been resolved good and proper or whether it's still needing an answer, but I found myself in the same boat and needed a fix.

    1) Find out the command for the shortcut you're chasing; usually, you'll get it in the ribbon editor - right-click on the ribbon and select "customize ribbon"

    2) Select the specific command from the RHS menu (e.g. Draw Wire)

    3) Copy the text in the "Key-in" entry within the properties (e.g. for Draw Wire, it's "ecad exec drawwire" - not case-sensitive)

    4) Open up Keyboard Shortcuts from File -> Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts

    5) Add in your shortcut, pasting in the key-in text for the command (e.g. D for Draw Wire) - main thing to look out for is avoiding duplicate keys in the shortcut entries

    With Key-in lists, the Key-in command will give you a lookup table, but there's no way of reverse lookup as far as I know (Bentley...? Here's something to add into the new version pls~).

    As for items in the RMB menu, yes, it's just a matter of finding out the key-in text for the command. It can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack, sadly.

    That should about cover it, hopefully this helps. Good luck!