Terminal Block Symbols

Hi, I'm trying to make OTTA6 Terminal block Symbols but its not working well. I also checked in Sample database folders not available Does any one has 

OTTA6 and Link Symbols ? I want to see the connection points. where I can download these symbols. Please help.

any similar terminal block is also ok I will try to update.


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  • Hello G G Khan, 

    I cannot find any similar terminal in the OOTB Catalog. You might need to create a new symbol for the same. You can use Symbol Creation for creating Symbol from Scratch and then select Symbol Type as "Terminal". 

    Also since its a disconnect switch the circuit shows Normally Open configuration. Hence you can take reference from the "DS" symbol which is a disconnect switch symbol and create a symbol. Since you have mentioned No & NC type, I dont understand the requirement since you are trying to create a Terminal Symbol and either is NO or NC depending status of the Disconnect in the terminal.  

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks & Regards
    Satish Saptasagar 

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