How to force Device Locations to match Page and Field values.

We have a project that has more than 100 pages.  Due to some engineers improperly copying and pasting devices around without having the right options checked, the majority of our devices now have location values that are different from what is indicated by the fields or the pages they are on.

Is there a macro or something we could use to make all the devices in the project update their location values to match the field they are in or the page they or on if there isn't a field?


  • Hi Juren, 

    I am not sure if you are using OpenUtilities Substation or Promis.e CONNECT, but the steps remain same. 

    You can use the Data Manager and then modify Location for specific symbol or you can use Find and Replace to replace value for specific Location or any other attribute value. 

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks & Regards
    Satish Saptasagar 

  • Satish,
    This is for Promis.e Connect.
    The Data Manager is how I would normally do it.  But from the manager I can’t see which parts are inside of location fields and I can’t zoom or look at the drawing while in the Data Manager.  We have a 127 pages to do this to in just one project and we have multiple projects that likely have the same issue, so automating the task would very be desirable. 
    I was sort of hoping you might have a command for this, like “Engineering Considerations”.  I think it would be a good feature because having reports give incorrect location information will be a big problem for the people who have to build the physical thing we are designing.  The software is capable of similar actions when a page is renamed or when a field is drawn, so I would think it wouldn’t be difficult to add a button to perform the same check again.
    So far my best solution is to print the project, and use the printout while manually editing the device locations.  Which will be quite time consuming given there are more than a thousand parts and I’ll have to verify the location of each one by hand.
    I guess this is another suggestion for a future upgrade.
  • Hi Juren, 

    In that case I would suggest you to use the Search Command. Here you can use the filter options on each column for the location, page or any other value that you need to use to filter the symbols. Then you can double click on the record which will navigated to the symbol and you can then use the Deice Properties to modify the Installation and location.  

    Also another approach that you can use if all the symbols on the page have the same installation location which is same as the page. You can place a Field encompassing the entire page and then select the Installation & location of the page, this will change all the symbols installation and location  of all the symbols. Then you can delete the field and select No to the pop message after deleting the field to maintain same values. 

    Hope this helps

    Thanks & Regards
    Satish Saptasagar